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Main production anti-jamming core (filter core, iron powder core) series, series of SMD power inductors, magnetic ring winding inductance, laminated resistance capacity are four categories and automotive connectors, high-end tamper-proof shielded wire and so on more than 1500 kinds of specifications products

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Sheng Huo five advantages, why choose us


Diversified, diversified

Meet different fields

Companies can produce different types of Bridges, types of Bridges for all walks of life.
Widely used in electric power, communications, chemical, construction, industry, photovoltaic, clean energy center.

Intelligent production equipment

Achieve high productivity and high quality

Production equipment is complete, with a number of automated production lines and large lathes.
Choose only durable first-class materials, refuse secondary and tertiary boards, achieve zero return.

Complete qualification certificate

Ensure the acceptance of no worries

The company has the latest ISO9001 certification and quality supervision bureau issued the authoritative test report,Implement the professional acceptance of every high precision field

Quality service system

Ensure every customer after - sales security

According to customers' demand, we customize high quality Bridges and provide pre-sales and after-sales tracking services for our products,Strict product quality control, we promise to help customers solve all kinds of practical problems within 24 hours.

Customer case

Partners have BYD, BYD auto, Skyworth, Skyworth, ChangHong, ChangHong, Joyoung sun, SANYO, SANYO, Panasonic, SAMSUNG, SAMSUNG, Panasonic, SUPOR SUPOR CANON CANON, Midea, Midea, Gree Gree, ZTE, Hisense Hisense, Haier Haier, Angel Angel, FOXCOM foxconn and other international famous enterprises
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About us

ShenZhen ShengCiTong Magnetism Co.,Ltd.

ShenZhen ShengCiTong Magnetism Co.,Ltd is derived from ShengCi,it was founded in 1998.The factory is located in Xingshan County, Hubei Province. It is a science and technology pilot enterprise integrating production, management, scientific research, technology development and information services. It has 20 years of industry experience. In 2006, ShengCi office was established in ShenZhen. In 2011,ShengCi rename ShengCiTong and established Shenzhen ShengCiTong Magnetism Co., Ltd. The company has more than 400 employees, more than 20 management technicians, with advanced magnetic material testing equipment and domestic leading ferrite core production line, automated wirewound inductor production line, automated automotive connector production line, mainly produces magnet,ferrite core,inductor and automotive connector etc. More than 1500 specifications products.


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